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Writer's Block: Single pride day
Given that we're less than a week out from Valentines, how do you feel about the approaching holiday? Will you participate or abstain? If you're not in a relationship, how will you celebrate your single status?

    Honestly, I never actually felt the significance of the holiday. I've only been in ONE relationship, and that was in my middle school years. Now remembering back, we dated around the month of February and he did give me a plush kitty. I know, I had a boyfriend, quite surprsing considering that I talk about girl a lot now xD. He was my first boyfriend and no, we didn't kiss BLAH BLAH. We were in 6th grade and I was excited because I was going to have a boyfriend so I said yes.  Sadly, I didn't like him anymore than a friend so we broke up, also, because I was scared that my parents were going to find out.
   I never actually put to much thought into the holiday because to me it seems like any other day. Thinking about it, if I did have someone special then I might buy them something. But, it depends on the person too, some people don't like celebrating it and other look forward too. I guess someone is not to big on it. xD
   On Valentine's Day, I might just act like it's a normal day and enjoy it with my friends.

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Yeah, him. I still talk to him sometimes.

What do you guys talk about mainly xD. BTW do you still talk to Jessica Macoon? Btw I still have the same phone number, I tried to call you back a few times after my sister told me u called. Try to call like today or during the next week(i don't have school next week, like yey!)

Lol, nothing in particular.
Angie, I don't like him! Jessica Macon? I saw her on Friday. Yeah, I don't have school either! We should hang out! STALK GEE!

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