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Writer's Block: Arts v. smarts
Given the choice, would you prefer to be a world-class (visual or performing) artist or an intellectual genius? Which, in your opinion, would facilitate a more fulfilling career and social life?

When people are incredibly smart, they tend to not want contact with people that are "dumb".  Even though, being smart has it's advantages because it opens more possibilities for jobs. Also, people tend to judge them a lot and I'm already a self-conscious, so that is not something I would like to go through.

On the other hand, performing artist tend to have high self-esteem, something I wish I had. They get to go up an stage and perform for millions of people who look up to them. To be completely honest, I always wanted to be a rockstar, play those amazing solos, go on tour, and just simply have fun. On top of that, I think it will bring more people to your life, but then again, it will be very hard to tell who wants to be your real friend or who wants all the luxuries you live in. In the career of a performing artist, they get paid a lot, well, I guess it depends on how recognized someone is.  Last but not least, music means a lot to me, and it helps through situations that I find hard. I want to do that for someone, tell them that everything is going to be okay.

Well, I guess I rather be a performing artist.


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