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Alright, my dad's at it again. >.<
He can't calm his fucking nerves down and he wants to be all tough. Buddy, you're old, you aren't fighting material anymore. I find it sad that it has to be me trying to break up the fight.

So this is how it happened, not his story.
1) My dad was leaning against the car, my mom was somewhere there, and I was on my skateboard. The drunk dudes were on the porch.
2) He starts telling my uncle to pick up the broken bottle, my uncle refuses. So my HE continued to insist, and my uncle continued to refused.
3) I know this for a fact, my dad thinks he can scare my uncle by being "intimidating". Then, my dad walks up to the porch trying to be all tough and stuff.
4) I told him, " Dad, stay down" and his response was "ahorita" and he smiled. It was all a joke to him. He wanted to prove that my uncle is scared of him.
5) HE gets up to the porch and starts telling my uncle to pick it up. My uncle starts saying "Pues pegame"
6) the other dude starts to get involved. He threatens to hit HIM.
7) I wasn't paying attention, but I saw how the other dude started to come up HIS face.
8) The dude hits my dad.
9) HE starts fighting back

Now, I know the other guy hit first, I'm aware, but this whole thing would of been prevented if HE wouldn't have gone up to porch. Also, my mom is up there too.

Sad that I have to be the one telling them to corporate.


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